Working Papers

Participation, Learning, and Equity in Education – Can We Have it All? with Clara Delavallade and Alan Griffith

Network Partitioning and Social Exclusion under Different Selection Regimes with Clara Delavallade and Alan Griffith

The Impact of Teacher Effectiveness on Student Learning in Africa with Julie Buhl-Wiggers, Jason Kerwin, and Jeff Smith

Making the Grade: The Trade-off between Efficiency and Effectiveness in Improving Student Learning with Jason Kerwin  Online Appendix

Making Marriages Last: Trust is Good, but Credible Information is Better, with Hans-Peter Kohler

Contemplating Circumcision: The Influence of Social Networks on Decision-Making with Rachael Pierotti

Are Rural Road Investments Alone Sufficient to Generate Transport Flows? with Gaël Raballand, Dean Yang, Jessica Goldberg, Niall Keleher, and Annika Mueller. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series, Number 5535, 2011.